Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nail Art: Harley Quinn Inspired

Part 1: Messy Striping Tape Mani

Hello, everyone!
Yes, I know no one is reading this blog.  The greeting is there for future viewers.
In any case, I was watching some snippets from Suicide Squad, and I really liked Harley's blue, pink, and platinum blonde hair.  (Who doesn't?)  So, I decided to start a Harley Quinn inspired nail art series, beginning with a colorful, messy look.  Kind of something Harley would do if she tried nail art.  Of course, before she's finished, the Joker would waltz in, and be like "Yo!  Let's go terrorize the locals!" and Harley just slathers on the polish 'cause she wants to get going.
(Don't judge; it's half past eleven)
So, moving on, I decided to go with a striping tape mani.  I used...
Striping tape (from Amazon)
Sally Hansen "Watercolor" (from Target)
OPI "Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!" (I think from Meijer-?)
China Glaze "White on White" (from Sally Beauty Supply)
ELF unnamed sheer pink polish (part of a gift set from Target)
L.A. Colors top coat (from the Dollar Tree)
An angled clean up brush, Acetone, and nail polish drying spray (more on this later)

I haven't had very good luck with basecoat lately, so I decided to skip it and go straight to striping tape.  I applied two pieces of tape diagonally to each nail, so I had three sections.
Do both hands at once; striping tape is a monster to apply with wet polish!
The blue and pink polishes stain horribly, so a put on a coat of the sheer pink polish to function as a barrier. Now, paint a slash of white polish down the middle.  Don't keep it on the middle section, but don't cover the whole nail either!
Now slather on the pink and blue on either side.  Overlap with the white, let the colors smear together- this is supposed to be messy!
Now, peel off the striping tape (a pair of tweezers helps!)
Continue with all of your fingers.
Now, striping tape is evil, and it will lift off the nail.  Or the polish floods the line when the tape is removed.  Whichever.  You might end up with polish on your stripes like this.  
You can leave it, or use your clean up brush and acetone to clear it up a bit.  
Clean up around the cuticles, add topcoat, spray, and done!

Now, about that nail polish spray.  This is a product that you spray on tacky nail polish to "instantly" dry it.  It works like instant dry topcoat, though faster.  There are two available that I know of.  One made by Leighton Denny which is ALWAYS sold out online, and one by Beauty Secrets, available exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply.  The Leighton Denny is the best, but the Beauty Secrets is cheaper, and easier to obtain.  I HIGHLY recommend this product, in any case.  πŸ˜‰
Bye all!  πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜‹πŸˆπŸˆ

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