Monday, May 1, 2017

Recommended Youtube Channels

Just the links to some of my favorite Youtube channels.  (I'm at a loss for what to post about, and I don't have any photos.  😒)
Blimey Cow Ok, these guys are hilarious.  Love this channel!
KlairedelysArt This girl is epic.  She does makeup and DIYs and has inspired me quite a bit!
ladollyvita333 This lady does fantasy hair, and is one of the reasons I got into hairstyling!  Highly recommend!
Silvousplaits  Another fantasy hairstyling channel that I highly recommend.
womenbeauty1  Ok, most of us mere mortals can't do these hairstyles on ourselves.  If you have a mannequin or someone who's willing to model, however, well, here's the inspiration to get you started!
epicfantasy Another incredible DIYer, he's got tutorials ranging from how to make an actual sword to making chainmail.
Simply Nailogical Because she's epic, that's why.
goomzilla Because we ALL need plush Yoshi's in our lives.

So there you have it.  Some of my recommended youtubers.  Enjoy!

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