Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Beauty School Diaries: Weeks 1 and 2

Welp, I'm a cruddy blogger.  In my defense, I have been busy.  As the title implies, I've just finished week two of beauty school, and I've been busy with other things- diy's, life in general, and online classes.  But, in any case, I'm going to blog about my beauty school journey.  I've got a full year of school ahead of me, so there should be a lot to say.  Posts may be sporadic for a while, but I promise that I'm not going anywhere.
So, on to business.  I'm currently enrolled in a thirty hour a week cosmetology program.  So far, I've survived the first week, and it's going good.
Day 0.5: orientation.  One hour of signing paper work, downloading the e-textbook, and getting a uniform (or three).
Day 1: day one of twenty five in phase one of theory.  Meeting the other two students- yes, the instructor mentioned that ours is a tiny class.  We all got our mannequin heads (yes, they're freaking creepy) and started right in with roller and pin curls.
Day 2: We removed the curls and styled them into an updo.
Ain't these just purty?
Day 3: Thermal curling!  Curling irons, curling bars (it looks like a gun, but it's a curling iron), and flat iron curls.  I can't do flat iron curls to save my life.  The end.
Day 4: More updos I think?  I don't remember anymore.  I had quite a bit of free time though, so I did some stuff for fun.  πŸ˜€
Lagertha inspired faux-hawk.  (ya know.  From that show Vikings)
And funny curly half up thing.
This was Memorial Day weekend, so the next day was off.  XD
Day 5: Blunt cuts I think?  Or maybe shampooing?  Something like that.
Day 6 and 7: I don't know.  Conditioning treatments?  Oh, and fingerwaves.  Those things are spawn of Satan.  Oh, and Harley Quinn pigtails.
Day 8:  PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.  No.  Actually, just "do whatever the heck you want day!"
Warrior/punk/fairy/princess/thing!  Complete with glitter and pink and purple extension stuff!
Loopy-princessy-twisty updo thing.  I bought the necklace over my lunch break.  Hey!  The store was right next door, and the thing was on clearance!
Day 9: Blunt cuts and face framing with a razor.  I ended up giving my mannequin an asymetrical cut, and had to go back and even it up with the scissors.  Being a genius, I snipped myself with the scissors and holy cow those things are effing sharp.  The wound still hurts.  I also finally mastered fingerwaves, sort of.  Woohoo me!
So, there's the first two weeks.  Only fifty more to go!
See y'all later!  πŸ›€πŸ›€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ”πŸ”

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