Saturday, May 6, 2017

Formula X Swatch Spam

Sooooooooooooo, due to the fact that I'm lazy and busy (I'm busy, therefore I'm lazy the rest of the time.) I don't have anything kewl to post.  So, I dug some old swatch photos out of the dust bin of my computer in order to have something to post.
These are all Formula X polishes, and the brand is available exclusively at Sephora.
First, we have White Matter.  It's a white matte polish.  Funny how that worked out, huh?
Next, we have Majestic- a navy blue jelly.  Ok, so, quick backstory.  I was (and still am) obsessed with Thorin Oakenshield*, and if you spend much time in certain areas of the internet, you've probably seen the #majesticThorin joke.  Well, I saw a polish called Majestic and decided I need it.  I currently have two bottles, and I want to pick up one more.
Just in case.  
*They say if a crush lasts longer than six months, it's love.  If that's true, I'm most definitely in love with more than one fictional character, celebrity, and actual cute guys I know.

Next is Volatile, a silver holographic glitter topcoat.  💖  The only problem with this was it was very chunky and dried out fast.
And, lastly, we have Legend.  One word: lame.  This is supposed to be a colorshift, and instead it just sits there looking pathetic.  I didn't like this polish, and ended up using a lot of it on one of my dragon's eggs.
So, there we have it!  Today's moderately boring swatch spam post!
See you all later!  💂💣💤😊💬💫💪😚

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